Where you Glide Your Way to 7-Figures/Year

Because Dammit, That's Where You're Meant to Play

Where you Glide Your Way to 7-Figures/Year

Because Dammit, That's Where You're Meant to Play

Where you Glide Your Way to 7-Figures/Year –
Because Dammit, that’s Where You’re Meant to Play

Unlocked: The Infinitely Scalable Business Formula

The Fastest Path To Scale Your Business To 7 Figures And Beyond

[For entrepreneurs who want to gracefully bust through the usual income ceilings that keep average entrepreneurs stuck on the 6 figure hamster wheel]


Are you sick and tired of the “hustle-filled launch” approach to scaling your coaching business?


I get it…


Scaling your business can feel overwhelming and daunting at times.


You’ve spent thousands of dollars on courses, programs, masterminds to get to consistent $10k, $20K+ months…


You’ve even jumped on the launch roller coaster and managed to scrounge out a $100K Launch…but it’s so much work!


You wonder to yourself “How can I keep this up? I feel like I’m standing on a cliff and I don’t see a path ahead”


You got into this business because you wanted to create an impact.


You wanted to change people’s lives with your expertise.


But all the hustle and overwhelm has caused you to slowly lose your passion and enthusiasm for the business you so lovingly created.


You know there has to be a better way to get to 7 Figures.


What if I told you there is a way to maximize your revenue without complex soul-crushing launches, systems and operations? 


Trust me I know, I have been growing my business empire since the age of 12.

Hi I’m Asha Suppiah.


I am a Business Mentor, Sales Expert, Philanthropist and Award Winning Serial Entrepreneur. 




At the age of 12 I invented a water purification technology that totally revolutionized the water tech industry.

The entire water industry was trying to do what I did, but couldn’t.

TBH I had no qualifications.


I was 12 after all.


But I had the passion, creativity, confidence and the willingness to learn.


But most importantly I knew how to sell. 


You see everybody I talked to told me “who are you to do this.”


I was going through an uphill battle.


But through my ability to sell I was able to take this technology to a multi 7 figure level.


I was able to pitch it.


I was able to get a patent.


I was able to get investors.


I won awards like Top 20 Under 20 In Canada.


I was featured in National Media like the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and Global TV.


I sold what was seemingly IMPOSSIBLE.


I had everything going against me:

My age – I was 12


Qualifications – I was just a kid with a dream


Gender- I was a female in a male-dominated industry


Race – I was a person of colour in a predominantly white, male-dominated industry 




Now I am here to take all I have learned and help you create more income, impact and influence. 

I have extracted my 20 years of Business Building and Sales experience to teach you how to SCALE your business without the usual income ceilings and overwhelm average entrepreneurs face.

And here’s what I KNOW…




It’s the secret to having an infinitely scalable business.


It’s the secret to becoming the “go-to expert” in your industry.


Innovation is something that “big tech” knows well.


Think about Apple Inc.


Apple is constantly innovating.


They started with a desktop computer, now they sell laptops, iPods, iPads, iPhones, Apple Watch, Apple TV etc….


Apple didn’t just sit on their laurels…they kept innovating…


Innovation is how you keep growing…


Innovation is totally missing in the coaching industry…


Innovation is the #1 secret to my success. 


It’s how I built my Multi 7 Figure Business Empire. 


Innovation allows you to continually scale.


It provides you with longevity and staying power.


It’s the secret to going from “overworked 6 Figure coach” to “7 Figure CEO”.

 Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Want to Innovate to Elevate Your Business…

1. Innovation is how you create a best in world course, 1:1 programs, masterminds, mentorships etc..This is how you become the Go-To Expert in your Niche/Industry

2. Innovation means you will never run out of things to sell. (BONUS: You will never get bored)

3. Innovation means you will be constantly evolving your methodologies and creating new methodologies. This allows you to increase the Lifetime Value of EACH Client.

4. Innovation allows you to stand out in a sea of samsie coaches, consultant and service based providers.

5. Innovation allows you to be un-fuck-with-able. Competition, copy-cats, or people trying to cancel you online are irrelevant…


This is why I’ve Created My SCALE-UP Method

It’s the antidote to the “hustle-filled launch” approach to scaling your coaching biz to 7 Figures and Beyond.

 I am on a mission to help elevate 25 entrepreneurs to MILLIONAIRE STATUS this year!

 Want to be one of them?

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Besides helping women rake in the dolla dollar bills I also help them become the “Go-To Expert” in their industry!

…here are 12 totally unrelated, fun facts:


I am a Science Nerd: I won 3 Gold Medals, 3 Silver Medals along with dozens more special awards at the Canada Wide Science Fairs growing up. 


I applied for my first patent at age 12: I invented a water purification technology that produces clean drinking water using two natural resources: sun and sea water. 



I am a Romantic at Heart: I am OBSESSED with Hallmark movies. Nothing sounds better to me than curling up on the couch in front of the fireplace with a glass of Merlot watching these cheesy flixs.



I play 3 musical instruments : Growing up I learned piano, violin and clarinet. Nothing moves me more than music!



I am a classically trained Indian Dancer –  Bharatha Natyam to be exact.


I manifested my half million dollar condo within the first few months of launching my first business.


I am the CEO and Founder of 3 businesses: My first is a water technology business. The second is a not-for-profit organization called Water Well-ness Project through which we raise funds to provide water and sanitation facilities to people in need across the world. The third is this biz.


I love wine -Something many people don’t know about me is that one of my big goals is to own a winery! 


At 21 I was a guest speaker at an Economic Developers Conference – Talk about IMPOSTER SYNDROME


I am a featured writer in the magazine called Diplomat and International – I was asked to talk about how we solve the world water crisis. Read Here


My sister and I have the exact same voice even though we are 4 years apart. We even trick our parents on the phone till this date.


My all time favourite quote is by Gandhi “The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems” – It speaks to me because it shows just how “figureoutable” things are. 

I can show you how to dramatically increase your INCOME..


So you can have more money, impact and freedom!


I’ll help you figure out how to soar to the top of industry….


Because I know you’re not ready to SETTLE.


You know you are meant for something more.


You are here to change the world.


But you’re all launched out.


You moved heaven and earth to get to 6 Figures…but you just can’t handle another burn-out-inducing launch.


You desire:

  • Easy 6 Figure MONTHS

  • Steady Business Growth

  • Effortless Launches

  • More Impact, Influence and Freedom

  • Less stress, overwhelm and burn-out

Now is the time for you to ELEVATE and EMBODY your inner 7 Figure CEO.


Now is the time for you to RISE!

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