The Making of a 7 Figure Mindset

A Full Week of Proven Journal Prompts

[For Female Coaches & Service Providers who want to gracefully bust through the usual income ceilings that keep average entrepreneurs stuck on the 6 figure hamster wheel]

Get Your Journal Prompts

With Asha Suppiah:

Award Winning Serial Entreprenuer and & Money Mindset Expert

So that you don't have to experience...

  • Fear that it can all be taken away at any moment 
  • Fear of someone tarnishing your reputation at any moment 
  • Nights spent sobbing because you felt like an imposter during your last group coaching session with your clients.
  • Month's spent thinking "I read the books, watched all the programs, I’ve taken the course, done the meditations. But I’m still stuck. What is wrong with me"  

Grab your favourite hot beverage, get cozy and let's journal!