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What the top 1% of women entrepreneurs know that you don’t

 Hi, My Name is Asha Suppiah.

 You truly are unstoppable and I am here to help you break through self-imposed limits and take your big bold dream from vision to reality.


Ladies, are you tired of playing small?

Have you spent thousands of dollars on marketing and business training programs but just can’t get yourself to that 7 figure mark in your business??

Do you wonder how other women entrepreneurs seem like they are so full of energy while traveling and running a multi-million dollar business at the same time?

Are your fears holding you back??

Are you doubting whether you will actually be able to have a wildly successful business that allows you the freedom to travel the world?

Do you find yourself totally overwhelmed with self-doubt?

Do you feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done?

Do you feel like you’re running in circles and just can’t get yourself to that next level of business?

I know you are probably wondering what do the top 1% of women entrepreneurs know that you don’t?

You are probably so incredibly tired of working so hard but you just can’t seem to take your business to the next level.

Well, I am going to let you in on a secret: You have all you need to succeed within YOU. All you need is to learn how to gain access to and use what is within you to help you perform at the level of mastery.

See the top 1% of women entrepreneurs have learned how to master something I like to call the Pharmacy of Success.

In fact, I believe that inside each and every one of us is a Pharmacy of Success. Just like when you go to the doctor to get a prescription to go the pharmacy to get the medicine you need to feel better. You have a pharmacy of success hidden within you. You have all you need to succeed within YOU.

To actually achieve the success we want in life we need to learn how to use our mind, body and soul to get ourselves to perform at our best.

I am super excited to share with you the 3 key strategies to help you gain access to your Pharmacy of Success so that you can become wildly successful in business and life.  


Strategy 1: Let’s start off with mastering the Mind – So this is really about bulletproofing your mind. It’s about what you are actively thinking and also what you are subconsciously thinking. To gain access to your Pharmacy of Success you must learn how to make your mind work at its best. It’s about choosing your thoughts and what to focus on. It’s about learning techniques to focus your mind and helping your mind work at its maximum so that you can create brilliant business ideas and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Here are two examples of how you can use your mind to access your Pharmacy of Success :


  • Create a “Becoming Unstoppable Vision Statement.” An Unstoppable Vision Statement describes who YOU are and what YOU stand for. The idea of this is to impress onto your subconscious mind so that each and every day you act in a way that is aligned with your vision of who you are. Ideally, it should be read twice a day – once, when you wake up in the morning and then again before you go to sleep at night. Your unstoppable vision statement will be one sentence long and will start with “I am”. e.g “I am a confidant wildly successful business woman” or “ I am worth $1,000,000.


  • Understanding why you want to live the life you are living is so critical to prolonged success in business and life. Remembering why you do what you do will help ensure you will feel motivated and keep your body secreting feel-good hormones. Create a list of 5 reasons you want to live the life you are living. This is so incredibly critical to help you keep yourself feeling confident and to overcome your self-doubt. Just like your “Becoming Unstoppable Vision Statement” you should read this at least twice a day to keep your mind primed for success!


Strategy 2: The second strategy to access your Pharmacy of Success is all about the body – Our body is the vessel through which we are in this world. So it is so critically important to take care of it. It’s important to understand how to use our muscles, body systems, hormones and neurotransmitters to perform at our best. If you effectively use your body you can truly become unstoppable.

Here is an example of how you can use your body to access your Pharmacy of Success :

  • How you move your body impacts how you feel and how much you can get done. Body movement strategies- a) Exercise (twice a day) – pumps your body with feel-good hormones, energizes your body, forms new neural pathways to help you build new habits, helps the body deal with chronic stress, keeps your mind focussed. b) Create a power pose that you perform whenever you feel down to get you feeling energized and excited again. c) Smile whenever you are feeling sad. Just changing your facial expression causes your body to secrete different hormones. Try smiling while looking up at the ceiling. While doing this try feeling sad – it’s virtually impossible!!


Strategy 3: The last strategy to access your Pharmacy of Success is learning to harness the power of your soul – This is about going inward and determining what you truly want in life. It is about ensuring you FEEL good. It’s all about learning the techniques, frameworks and strategies to help you check in with yourself to determine what you really want in life. It’s about truly being aware of your thoughts and desires. This is what truly takes you to the next level of performance. If you are doing what your soul truly wants, you will feel absolute bliss. Here is an example of how you can use your soul to access your Pharmacy of Success :

  • How you feel is so incredibly critical to how successful you will become. Helping your soul sing with joy every day is one of the keys to success. One of the best strategies to help your soul be happy is to surround yourself with uplifting, motivating and empowering people. As I am sure you know – who you surround yourself with matters! So a great strategy is to audit your circle of association and think about who you surround yourself with. How do they make you feel? Do they make you laugh? Do they bring the best out of you? Do they inspire you? Only surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you.

Imagine what it would feel like to become wildly successful in business and life.

Imagine knowing that you are truly bringing your best into this world.

Imagine being able to travel the world while running a crazy successful business.

Just remember, when faced with any challenge in life – always ask yourself how can I use my Pharmacy of Success to become unstoppable!

The most exciting part is that you truly are unstoppable my beautiful friend! You can live the wildly successful life you have always dreamed of.

Hope you enjoyed this blog. If you found this valuable, please share this with your friends!

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