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How to stop Worrying

 Hi, My Name is Asha Suppiah.

 You truly are unstoppable and I am here to help you break through self-imposed limits and take your big bold dream from vision to reality.


Are you tired of playing small? Do you want to quit your job and go after your dream job or start a new career? Do you want to open your own business or take your business to the next level?

Do you wake up every day with the intention to make a move towards your dreams but just can’t seem to shake your nagging worries or fears?

A number of years ago I heard Robin Sharma tell a story that forever changed the way I lived my life. He shared that his father had told him that the Sanskrit character for worry is remarkably similar to the Sanskrit character for funeral pyre (funeral pyres are pieces of wood that are used to cremate bodies). You see worry burns the living while funeral pyres burn the dead.

Think about that for a few seconds…

Think about all the time and energy we waste on worrying each and every day. Imagine what we could accomplish with all that wasted time and energy.

Joseph Campbell once said “We see the world through our stain glass window.” So let me ask you are you seeing the world through the lens of fear or opportunity? When you look out into the world, do you see all the beauty or all the problems.

Remember all the achievers of this world have one thing in common. They don’t worry, they just take action! They know that worrying just wastes energy, mental focus and time. These Titans know that mental focus and physical energy are the two human resources that help us succeed. Without these resources, we can’t achieve anything.

So now you are probably wondering “that’s all well and good Asha but it’s not that easy to just stop worrying.” That’s why I am extremely excited to share with you, my 6 tricks to stop worrying and to start achieving like the Titans.


How to Stop Worrying

  • Create a worry list. Every time something worries you right it down. Tell yourself that you will address your worry later on in your day. This way, you can free your mind of the worry and actually get work done.


  • Worry Time. Set aside a time in your day to address your worries. This is a time where you can look at your worry list and you can create solutions. The key is to look at every problem as an opportunity. We can learn something from every challenge we face in life. To feel more confident in life we must develop competence. In psychology we have something called the competence-confidence loop. It basically shows that the more competent you are the more confident you become and the more confident you become the more competent you will feel to face the challenge again.


  • Distract yourself. If you really can’t get a worry out of your head, change the task you are doing. Often it is helpful to completely immerse yourself in a task you love. If you love singing, then sing. If you love playing video games, go play video games. If you love playing basketball, go shoot some hoops. The key here is to distract yourself and to take your mind completely off of what is bothering you. It is often hard getting your mind off of something if you are doing a task that is boring! So do something you enjoy.


  • Gratitude Walks. Go outside for a walk and think about all the things you are grateful for. This changed my life! It basically kills two birds with one stone – don’t worry no birds were killed in the making of this guide ;). When you are grateful it is really hard to feel bad about life! When you express gratitude you will notice more good things in your life. Exercise, on the other hand, is something that can really change how you feel, it gives you more energy and helps you think more clearly.


  • Change the words you use. Use empowering words that uplift you. Say “I can” instead of “I can’t.” Instead of looking at problems as problems, call them challenge. The words you use influence your subconscious mind! When you call something an challenge you feel empowered to tackle it. You will feel like a warrior not like a victim. Remember the more you say anything, the more you will believe it


  • Meditate. Meditation helps us become aware of our thoughts. Science is showing just how incredibly powerful meditation is at helping us have a sense of balance. Mediation helps us have a desire to make right, conscious choices in our life. This is why I developed the 20/2 rule for a bulletproof mind. Meditate for 20 minutes, twice a day to ensure that your mindset is optimal.

Hope you enjoyed this blog. If you found this valuable, please share this with your friends!

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